The Icon Design Trail is limited to just 100 listings, so to ensure that the guide remains as essential as ever our editorial team will review all applications, selecting the most appropriate for inclusion.

It is FREE to register and send your application to us. Following the deadline, on 14th July at 5pm, the successful applications will be chosen.

If your application is successful, you will then be invoiced for your listing in the guide.

Standard application rate:

£299 + VAT per event listing (deadline Friday 14th July at 5pm)

To apply for a listing in the 2017 Icon Design Trail, please Apply here ensuring that you complete all sections of the application.

Please note that you can log in and update your entry whenever you like. However, all applications must be complete and up-to-date by 5pm on Friday 14th July 2017, when registration closes.

View the full terms and conditions of entry.

For any queries please contact us on: 020 3225 5200     
Or alternatively please email us:         

Jenny Trigg, Project Manager ext. 752

Chloe Wilson, Project Manager ext. 578

Nicola Merry, Production Manager ext. 554

Linda Telemacque, Senior Production Coordinator ext. 755




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